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Ultimately potential young artist, hailing from the city of culture Jogjakarta and a student of Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI) Jogjakarta. He is also the former vocalist of the garage rock n roll band, Jenny. Farid Stevy Asta is known for his unique style combining many elements from rock n roll culture to daily urban stuff. He’s latest work including artwork of his band’s newest album, Manifesto, wanted to visualize his idealism and point of view towards the justification on garage rock n roll band. The stigma on garage band always showed its “surface” image, sitting on a couch while smoking or drinking boozes. Farid tries to capture the b-side of rock n roll image and stirred all of them in the Manifesto’s visual artwork. He’s triumphant collaboration probably was his joined force with Terra Bajraghosa entitled Take it Off and Let’s Make Some Love that appeared in KOMPAS. He also collaborated with Jogjakarta pride indieguerillas on their work “Hello Princess” in Dynamic Duo Exhibition. On the other hand, while banging with his band and working in his studio, he spare his time to make a personal brand called AFFAIRS and will come up sometime in this year. And he also hooked up with MOOF to have a fashion collaboration designed by both of them. He began to collaborate with MOOF early of this year because they have many things in common. Their point of view on seeing things somehow can be shared through their collaboration. They redefined the culture and move upward beyond that. It is about to be the agent of change because visual artworks, fashion, and music, cannot stand alone, they have to be bound together. And Farid along with MOOF are there to bind their vision into a good documentation.

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